Leafs’ prospect Mikhail Abramov suspended one game by IIHF

Mikhail Abramov missed out on the first two games of the World Juniors for Russia as a healthy scratch and after a pair of impressive performances in Russia’s next two games, he will once again be forced to watch his teammates from the press box after being handed a one game suspension by the IIHF on Friday afternoon.

The IIHF Disciplinary panel has issued one-game suspensions to Mikhail Abramov (Russia) and Justin Volek (Germany). Story: https://t.co/0zNbovi9wf pic.twitter.com/DIcWba1bF5
— IIHF (@IIHFHockey) January 1, 2021

Prior to a faceoff during the second period, Abramov lined up against Swedish forward Arvid Costmar and they had to be reset a couple of times, with Abramov knocking Costmar over prior to the drop of the puck on one occasion. When play did resume, Costmar and Abramov continued to battle off of the draw with Costmar tying up Abramov’s stick and managing to avoid a penalty call. Cleary frustrated, Abramov trailed Costmar into the defensive zone where he delivered a sneaky slew foot to the Vancouver Canucks prospect who did a good job of baiting Abramov into a poor decision.

Arvid Costmar (#Canucks) baits Mikhail Abramov (#LeafsForever) into an …

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Author: Nick Richard / The Leafs Nation

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