Leafs could have 26 player roster with a 4 player taxi squad

While it seems like we have a potential start date to the season, and a willingness from both the NHL and the NHLPA to get underway, there are still a number of details that need to be figured out, including the size of the NHL rosters.

Lots discussed on #NHLPA Exec Board call today, much of which is still in discussion/negotiation with #NHL.
Talk of expanded rosters, from 23 to 26, with 4 additional taxi squad members for total of 30. Taxi squad could earn AHL salary but receive NHL benefits and per diem.
— Frank Seravalli (@frank_seravalli) December 9, 2020

Now the idea of a 26 player roster sounds nice, and beneficial for the Leafs, and having a four player taxi squad as well helps a team with plenty of depth, but it raises a few more questions.
How are teams going to fit 26 players into the salary cap?
The Taxi squad aspect is explained a bit clearer in Frank Seravalli’s tweet, but even then there is the question of whether moving a player from the roster to the taxi squad would result in the player requiring waivers.
As for the additional roster players, well, if the Leafs are cap compliant (according to PuckPedia) …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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