Leafs by the Numbers: Martin Marincin

2020 is over. Finally.
It felt like everything bad that could possibly happen last year, did. Hockey was postponed due to Covid-19, everyone was asked to stay in their houses to slow the spread and when we finally had a taste of freedom — the second wave came and now we’re back in lockdown.
Although most of the year was horrible, there was some good that came out of it. That’s also why I’m writing this article for you today.

Martin Marincin with the tie breaking goal for #LeafsForever! pic.twitter.com/AeKKb5Gwgm
— SiriusXM NHL Network Radio (@SiriusXMNHL) March 1, 2020

This was probably the highlight of my year. If you don’t know the story, I promise I’ll explain it quick. After this goal, I tweeted “500 RT’s and I’ll buy a Martin Marincin jersey” and after 20 minutes, I got well over 500 retweets and the next day I bought the jersey.
Yes, I am an owner of a Toronto Maple Leafs Marincin jersey.
Martin Marincin’s number is 282.50.
No, it’s not the number of games he’s played, plus his point total put together. This is the total that was rung up at the cash register …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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