Leafs by the Numbers: Alexander Kerfoot

I miss Nazem Kadri. I wouldn’t have traded Nazem Kadri. And I will always unfairly judge Alex Kerfoot because he was part of the Nazem Kadri trade. For that reason, Alexander Kerfoot’s number is 43. With Barrie gone, and Kadri thriving in Colorado, cranky old farts like myself will continue to misdirect our disappointment at Kerfoot, a player who did pretty decent in his first season as a Leaf, but was decidedly not in the same class as Nazem.
Now, when you consider that Barrie as the top four D the Leafs were in desperate need of was meant to be the true return of the Kadri trade, and Kerfoot was more or less the means of backfilling Kadri’s position, the criticism of Kerfoot drops. When you consider that heading into last season that Kerfoot had played the majority of his time on the wing, and was abruptly moved into a permanent 3C role (minus during injury situations) and had to develop in that role under two different coaches, it’s easy to understand why some areas of Kerfoot’s game were lacking.
The coaching thing is something that we might overlook too quickly, but when you consider …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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