Leafs bargain wingers, praise for puckmovers, and the value of organizational knowledge: Leaflets

Tonight is game three, the first game in Tampa and in order for the Leafs to advance they now need at least one win on the road. Their best chance is getting it while Hedman and Cernak are either still out or at least borderline healthy enough to play. You’d hope to see the Leafs take advantage of the situation a little, but when have we ever seen the Leafs do anything the easy way?
Here are a few other stray Leafs thoughts to get you through gameday.
Discount wingers
It’s certainly worth remembering that not every prospect pans out, but much to the delight of Leafs fans, Matthew Knies has really made it clear that he can be a serviceable NHLer even when he isn’t on the scoresheet. He made the most of his opportunity coming in for Bunting and it seemed that Aston-Reese and Lafferty have also taken notice of how good Knies is and they elevated their game to make their cases for staying in the lineup when Bunting returns for Game 5.
Bunting and Knies have their fates tied in another way. A big selling point on Bunting has always been that he’s been a top six player that doesn’t cost a lot. This summer that whole doe …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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