Kyle Lowry’s legacy games are here in the 2019 NBA playoffs

The Raptors’ point guard no longer needs to be his team’s best player. But can he put aside his own self-doubt to once again be the emotional engine his team so desperately needs? If you were going to create a list of the qualities that a great leader has, Kyle Lowry checks a great deal of the boxes. He’s enormously intelligent. He’s hardworking. He has a sense of humour. He leads by example.
At the same time though, Kyle is a prickly personality. And he puts enormous pressure on himself — who can forget his late-night post-game shooting sessions during the 2016 playoffs? After a loss, his press conferences often sound like a philosopher trying to wrestle with life’s great existential mysteries.
There’s a reason philosophers have approximately 500,000 books and precisely zero dunks on their resume: too much thinking is not ideal for the professional athlete.
Your great athlete can come in the LeBron or Kobe mode — clearly as smart as anyone else in the room, but not one to overly vocalize their innermost personal reflections. Or they can be Rob Gronkowski — blessed with physical gifts, but not known much for plumbing the deep questions of our …

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Author: ConorMcCreery / Raptors HQ

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