Kevin Gravel could become a vital piece of the Leafs’ blue line

If you answered “who?” reading the headline, it’s alright. Being on the Edmonton Oilers does that to players that move on from them.
Kevin Gravel was one of the seven free agents that the Toronto Maple Leafs signed on the same day in the middle of summer. In the middle of a majority of fans most likely not paying attention about hockey whatsoever, the Leafs decided to sign all the depth they could handle in one fell swoop.
Gravel was the only defenceman of that group — a position that Toronto tried to fix this offseason.
The major transaction was acquiring Tyson Barrie from the Colorado Avalanche, while one of their key forwards in Nazem Kadri was headed the other way. A move that could potentially work out, or could wind up being a mistake if the Leafs are ever without Auston Matthews or John Tavares at any point this season and are wondering why their offence has suddenly dried up.
This summer focus of solidifying a group of six defencemen that could take them beyond the first round has potential, but it’s also taking a major risk changing up the personnel so drastically. Two defencemen that will most …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

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