Just about everything went wrong, yet the Raptors still almost won Game 2

The Raptors’ rotations and three-point shooting were way off in Game 2, and it almost didn’t matter. It’s the return of everyone’s favourite post-loss, mood-lifting column: What Didn’t Suck!
These Raptors do not lose very often. And they’re good enough that their losses are rarely rotten to the core. This column is dedicated to fleshing out the good bits, and quelling the hysteria that tough results tend to incite within this battered and beaten fan base. With this team and the superstar it happens to employ, more often than not, it’s probably gonna be fine.
This is What Didn’t Suck for the Raptors’ 94-89 Game 2 loss to the Sixers.
We begin today with some words to live by, spilled by Nick Nurse after practice Tuesday morning.
“I think any time, but maybe especially last night when you’re going through it or watching it it feels like, really awful right? Like the offense is out of rhythm and everything’s awful and a lot of those shots don’t go in. And it’s usually not as awful when you look back and stuff. I think you’re always trying to balance your improvement …

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Author: Sean Woodley / Raptors HQ

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