Josh Donaldson: “They don’t want me back in Toronto. Trust Me.”

We’re just over a month into the off-season and I’m already bored to death of the daily dose of the Blue Jays are kicking tires on X pitcher without any tangible evidence of genuine interest or actual contracts being offered, so let’s go in a different direction today.

Josh Donaldson is a free agent right now, and, unlike last year, he’s in line for a big payday. If you had any dreams about him coming back to Toronto and having a Bringer of Rain Revenge Tour, it’s safe to say your bubble will be burst.
Donaldson hosted an Instagram live video today in which he answered a bunch of questions from fans who tuned in. Alyssa Cohen, a savvy Blue Jays fan on Twitter who I would recommend following, caught the live session and pointed out that Donaldson said he wouldn’t be welcomed back in Toronto.

Donaldson’s on Instagram Live RIGHT NOW, and he just said “Come back to Toronto? They don’t want me back in Toronto. Trust Me.” #BlueJays
— Alyssa Cohen (@aalyssacohen) December 4, 2019

Unfortunately, Donaldson didn’t save his live video, so you either saw it happen in the moment or …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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