It turns out the Leafs were willing to lose Jared McCann in the expansion draft after all

When the Leafs acquired Jared McCann for a low price, fans were ecstatic that the team got an analytical darling for basically nothing which they felt was too good to be true. Well, that proved to be the case as he was left exposed in the expansion draft and taken by the Kraken, leaving many confused and angered over why they gave up on him so quickly.
The days that followed saw many debate over what the purpose of the move was and whether or not they made the correct decision in the end. Now with a new season fast approaching, we got our answer in a short clip from the team’s latest offering of “The Leaf: Blueprint.”

It appears that the Leafs did indeed trade for Jared McCann so that they could lose him in the expansion draft and keep Alexander Kerfoot
— Michael (@TheLeafsIMO) September 25, 2021

In the nearly 30 second clip, Kyle Dubas brings up to the management team that they have a trade offer from the Penguins to acquire McCann in exchange for Fillip Hallander and a seventh-round pick. Brendan Shanahan then suggests the team goes through with it so that they can …

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Author: Michael Mazzei / The Leafs Nation

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