It Kicked Ass When: JVR taunted P.K. Subban and the Habs’ bench

“It kicked ass when:” is a new series that will be published whenever I feel like it. It’s pretty self-explanatory: going through Leafs moments that kicked ass.
It’s not hard to look back fondly on James van Riemsdyk’s career as a Toronto Maple Leaf, at least from an individual standpoint. Though his last game in the uniform was a little over a year ago now, he spent six seasons in the blue and white, totalling at least 27 goals each season in which he played at least 80 games.
Acquired in a one-for-one deal for journeyman defenceman Luke Schenn, JVR was a great member of the team while he was in Toronto, bridging the gap between two different and distinct eras.
There’s one goal, in particular, that I’ll always remember when I think of Middletown, NJ’s finest: A game-winner against Montreal on the eve of January 18th, 2014.
The Buildup
The Leafs in the early months of 2014 were quite an enigma. The year started off on a great note, with a New Years’ Day Winter Classic for the ages in a packed Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbour. JVR himself opened the scoring for Toronto that day, with …

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Author: Adam Laskaris / The Leafs Nation

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