Is something brewing with Marcus Stroman?

Marcus Stroman had a difficult start for the Blue Jays today, going just four innings while scattering three runs on three hits and four walks. None of the runs were earned as the Jays’ defence behind Stroman let him down, but something seemed off about the usually-energetic starter.

Look, I usually don’t dive into these completely random rumours, but the timing here seems really odd. Stroman, who’s usually bouncing around the mound with a bunch of energy, was strangely quiet and solemn out there today. Maybe he’s sick or had something else going on (Hazel Mae reported on the broadcast that he was just feeling off) or maybe there’s something bigger brewing that he knows about.

I have a source the Padres are trading for Stroman. Deal not official yet.
— eric (@zayewop) April 14, 2019

Again, let’s take this with a massive grain of salt given it’s just some random 500-follower account on Twitter. Like I said, though, something seemed really off today, so I guess it’s something worth thinking about.
Stroman trade rumours have been going on for months now. There was a lot of talk about the Jays listening to trade offers in …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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