Introducing myPuckPedia

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Exciting news around The Nation Network this morning as PuckPedia launches MyPuckPedia GM Mode an exciting new feature that allows you to take control of a team, or the league for that matter, and play GM. The new feature allows you to sign, trade, demote, buyout, and do all of those other fun things that prove that we know better than Kyle Dubas in any given situation.
Testing it out
So while my track record with proposing trades on social media is spotty at best, I figured I’d take the new myPuckPedia GM engine for a whirl. The starting point of the trade is looking at what the Leafs presently have a need for, and it’s as follows…
A top four defenseman, who shoots right and is under contract for next season
A backup goaltender that is capable of stopping shots
Salary cap relief to possibly …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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