In defense of the Marcus Stroman trade

Last week, Blue Jays Nation’s fearless leader Cam Lewis perfectly described the Blue Jays’ precarious situation with Marcus Stroman; it was the “boat versus the mystery box” dilemma. The Blue Jays had a boat in the form of Marcus Stroman, but they could trade him for a mystery box, which could have anything inside.
That’s what it’s like to trade veterans for prospects; exchanging a near sure thing for lottery tickets. In the short term, people are rightfully unhappy about losing a bonafide boat for two lottery tickets. That’s why some Blue Jays fans feel underwhelmed by the Marcus Stroman trade.
Those feelings are valid. But let’s state a case in defense of the Blue Jays for trading away their most valuable trade chip for two prospects outside most Top 100 prospects list (which is an arbitrary number anyway).
Despite the oddly timed rumour about the Blue Jays considering a contract extension for Stroman, I don’t believe this front office had any intention of re-upping him. Or at least, they didn’t have any serious intention of bringing him back. The Blue Jays had their chances at many junctures to re-sign Stroman and they didn’ …

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Author: Ian Hunter / Blue Jays Nation

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