If the Leafs are looking to bring in help, who should it be?

Let’s start off with an initial truth. A 7-2-1 start to the season doesn’t warrant a need for change. Even with the depth injuries the Leafs have suffered, they can backfill long enough, and keep on keeping on. Now that we’ve established the Leafs are doing well, we need to consider a couple of things, the first is that the Leafs have been rumoured to be seeking an upgrade to their secondary scoring. There’s also the fact that if trades are going to be made this year, they are most likely coming with a two week waiting period, which makes the trade deadline more of a true last chance day this year. Teams may wish to act soon.
We asked around the TLN crew to see whether there were any potential targets or players that need to be shipped out that the Leafs should be exploring…
Mark Norman:
When the Leafs signed Mikko Lehtonen it was much to the chagrin of the New Jersey Devils, who thought they were the front runners for the KHL’s top defenceman. We’re now 8 games into the season and Lehtonen is on the outside looking in, seemingly having …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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