How the Returns of Tavares and Hyman Will Impact the Maple Leafs’ Salary Cap

We knew that the Maple Leafs would eventually have to trim their roster to 21 bodies in order to accommodate the big contracts they signed over the summer, but it wasn’t clear until now as to what those cuts would look like.
With the Leafs reportedly shopping Nic Petan, it’s safe to assume he’ll be out of the picture.
John Tavares being injured certainly doesn’t make the situation any easier, either. Tavares was eligible to be placed on IR on October 17th, and if he’s unavailable for 10 games and 24 calendar days, he can be placed on LTIR retroactively. Those 24 days lead to November 9th, encompassing exactly 10 games. If Tavares is eligible and the Leafs elect to go that route, he would then be available for their November 10th game in Chicago.
Tavares going on LTIR would make his full $11 million available to replace him, allowing the Leafs to keep a 23 man roster until the Chicago game. However, it’s become apparent that Tavares’ return will be before Hyman’s, meaning the Leafs won’t need relief on his $11m contract in order to keep 23 players on the roster.
Who’s in Danger?
If we assume the …

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Author: Earl Schwartz / The Leafs Nation

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