How the Marlies leadership group looks with Rich Clune retired

Rich Clune was the leader of the Marlies for the last two seasons and with him retiring from hockey, will the Toronto Marlies be on the lookout for a new leader?
Well, no. More like a group of leaders.
Last season was an interesting year for plenty of players down in the AHL — the Marlies especially.
Filled with mostly younger players, Toronto was a team that was weaving their way through a regular season which brought its complications. Whether it be injuries or inconsistent play, it was clear that this season would allow some players a fresh start.
And a fresh look at the team’s leadership group, too.
There isn’t very much that has changed with the Marlies over the summer. There were some players who departed, like Brett Seney, Josh Ho-Sang, Antti Suomela, Marc Michaelis, Kristians Rubins, and Joseph Duszak. But, aside from those players, the roster has stayed fairly concrete.
One of the bigger additions over the summer was Logan Shaw, who signed a three-year AHL deal with the Marlies. The 30-year-old is joining Toronto after two seasons with the Belleville Senators where he captained the team during last season.
If there’s anyone who’s going to be a big part of the Marlies leadership group, it’s him. There’s also Joseph Blandisi, who joined the team …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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