How much of Michael Hutchinson will we see?

The news that Campbell is out for weeks is the opposite of ideal. Some might say it’s pretty bad. The fact that the Leafs recently lost Aaron Dell on waivers to gain some flexibility in taxi squad recalls for Thornton and Robertson’s injury makes things feel a little worse, and the Leafs are once again looking at Michael Hutchinson as the Leafs backup goaltender.
This time Hutchinson is the backup, not out of poor planning, but out of the necessity. He was slated as the fourth string goaltender, but the shortage of goaltenders around the league made Aaron Dell a commodity, and Campbell’s injury, is well, why the had Dell in the first place. The fact that they are now onto Hutchinson, who is a perfectly reasonable option as a third string goaltender wouldn’t be an issue except for the decreasing confidence from Leafs fans in Freddie Andersen, but he’s actively trying to prove people wrong. Over the past three starts Andersen is sitting at a .938 save percentage which is decidedly better than he started the year at. Fingers crossed that he can perform at this level or at least somewhere in-between this level and …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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