How does Alex Pietrangelo statistically fit with the Leafs?

With the draft finishing up, and free agency on Friday, Alex Pietrangelo remains without a contract and is likely going to free agency. While the rumours are that Vegas is the frontrunner, the Leafs are one of the top names in that discussion as well.
Leading up to free agency, it seems like the talk is about how Pietrangelo fits into the Leafs cap situation. While that’s certainly a huge part of the equation, we don’t see a whole lot out there on Pietrangelo fits in with the Leafs as far as his actual play goes.
So, let’s dive into what exactly Alex Pietrangelo brings to the table on the ice, and then using that information, where he would be best utilized on the Leafs.

Since his first full season, Pietrangelo has been a consistent 40-50 point player throughout his career, although as he’s gotten older, he seems to rely more on his goal scoring than his playmaking. He puts up points on the power play when given the opportunity as well so he could help the second power play, or even man the first unit and bring a shot that Morgan Rielly doesn’t.

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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