How about we give William Nylander a mulligan and see what 2019-20 brings?

I’m trying to think of which is more foolish, writing off a player that was considered possibly the third best player on the roster heading into last season OR pretending that you were perfectly satisfied with the performance delivered from William Nylander last season? Granted that second one seems to largely be a hyperbolic backlash to the first one, but where I hope we can all reasonably land on William Nylander last season is that he has to be better and he certainly did not live up to the expectations of his contract.
Season Recap
Well, it’s pretty easy to cover off October and November, amirite? No, not really, that’s where I should start? Fine.
The fact that William Nylander went through the first two months of the season without a contract wasn’t a great start and while this should fall as much on the organization as it does as Nylander, and Dubas has owned it as such, there certainly is a very vocal portion of the Leafs fan base that is unforgiving of Nylander, though ironically at the same time quite vocal about paying Mitch Marner all the money. Strange. We really shouldn’t go …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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