How a potential 2020 lockout would affect the Leafs

Few topics are more of a downer than a pending NHL lockout. The 2004-5 lockout essentially closed the Leafs window for being competitive in the Quinn years, and the organization’s inability to see the new direction of the league partnered with several crippling contracts put the organization into it’s darkest decade, with all due respect to the Ballard years.
The 2012-13 NHL lockout was a different story for the Leafs. Somehow that managed to be the high watermark before reality came crashing down on Toronto once again. The shortened season meant that James Reimer didn’t regress until the playoffs, and we were at least treated to seven playoff games that the Leafs frankly had no right being in. Sadly this season needs to be looked at as a positive, even it means it bought both Randy Carlyle and Dave Nonis a bit more time.
That brings us to present day, and two very important dates that are coming up.
September 1st is the NHL owners opportunity to call for an early end to the CBA, set to expire in 2022. Opting out now would end the CBA on September 15, 2020 instead, and given recent history, we have no reason …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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