Hot Takes From the Farm: Week Three

The theme this week may be one of following up on the names already mentioned, as well as taking a look at a few names you might have expected to see but haven’t. At the obvious risk of repeating myself, it’s so early that extreme reactions, positive or negative, are unwise even though they are tempting. The fella you bragged on as hot last week can see a big dip in his numbers after just five or six poor games at the plate, or vice-versa. Still, that’s why I call it “hot takes” – because hot takes are often premature!
Starting with the pitching staff this time, I have to lead with this: If Josh Winckowski isn’t on your radar yet, you might want to correct that. Down the stretch last year in Vancouver, the now 20 year old (young for the Midwest League) RHP posted a 1.78 ERA over his last six starts, striking out 40 against only 7 BB in 35.1 IP. This year he’s picked right up where he left off, with a 1.04 ERA through five starts while continuing to post solid secondary stats. While promotion schedules are complex organizational decisions and not knee-jerk reactions to stats ( …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

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