Hot Takes From The Farm: Week Thirteen

Recently I did a re-rankling of prospects, and the major publications have also begun to update their lists, but there’s a quirk about lists this time of year – there’s both a lot of movement due to graduations from eligibility (Cavan Biggio will have done so by the end of the All Star Break, for example) but there’s also an influx of new talent. Teams just drafted (at least) 40 new players, most of whom will never be ranked prospects but after the top three or four you really don’t know who’s going to push there way onto the list, but they also signed a plethora (37 so far by the Blue Jays at last update) of international free agents, a few of whom will be instantly recognized as top 40 prospects, others who will eventually prove themselves worthy. On top of that are the new prospects that will inevitably arive via the trading that is about to ensue.
But right now we just don’t know. The J2 players won’t even play an official game until next summer, and while we can expect to see SS Rikelvin de Castro, Outfielders Robert Robertis and Penier Brito, and shortstop …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

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