Hot Takes From The Farm: Week Ten

As might be expected, my predictions regarding the short season squads last week were somewhat so-so. I point I failed to make was one I was reminded of in the team related news this week – some draftees don’t yet have passports. Alek Mamoah being the prominent example. Such a player who will in all likelihood end up with Vancouver will still have to keep tuned up in Florida until the paperwork is in order, which is a hidden factor when projecting where recent draftees will be assigned.  That said, the Canadians’ season is now underway and the opening day roster is official. Six 2019 draftees have been assigned there already, most notably 4th rounder RF Will Robertson (as expected) but also infielders (shortstops by trade but there can be only one on any given day) Tanner Morris (5th), Cameron Eden (6th) and Trevor Schwecke (13th) and relief(?) pitchers Nick Fraze (22nd) and Gabriel Ponce (28th). The big news though is that last year’s third round choice, Adam Kloffenstien (still just 18) was assigned here after very little game experience in his draft year last season. I wasn’t expecting that. Cuban IFA signing William Gaston, the brother of the more …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

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