Hot Takes From The Farm: Week Nine

You might not have noticed but for 10 days or so now the Blue Jays farm system has had five teams, rather than four, in play most nights. The Dominican Summer League began play June 1, and we’re not that far away from the three other short-seasons teams getting started. On Friday night the Vancouver Canadaians, quite possibly featuring Alek Mamoah and Will Robertson among others from the fresh draft class. The following Monday is Day One for the GCL complex team, and the day after sees Opening Night in Bluefield. Here’s a brief largely speculative look at the potential (or in the case of the DSL, already existing) roster construction.
Typically, newly drafted college players get consideration for this team. Mamoah is a near lock to spend his season here, but one or two turns to gear up in the GCL are not impossible. Robertson, too, opening day or not will likely get the bulk of his time here. Catcher Phillipe Clarke is also a near lock. Among players already in the system, there’s no bigger question than where Pardino pitches when he’s healthy. Originally on the Lansing IL, he’s yet to pitch in a …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

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