Game 7 Turning Point: Kawhi hits the shot

If you’re a Raptors fan, you’ll never forget this shot. You’ve seen it, you’ve heard it — and you’ll remember it. It’s Kawhi and Toronto in Game 7 against Philly. What an ending. We’ve already a run down on Raptors-Sixers Game 7 here. It’s got the summary of what happened and some deep reflections on the 18-year comeuppance Philly was served with in this game; I suggest you read it if you haven’t yet.
What you’ll find here is the reaction to those those final seconds, when the game was tied and there was 4.2 seconds left on the clock, and Kawhi Leonard turned the corner looking for enough space to get a shot off.
He did, and it went in. How’s that for a turning point?

KAWHI CALLED SERIES!— Toronto Raptors (@Raptors) May 13, 2019

Before Marc Gasol beamed the inbounds pass to Kawhi Leonard at the top of the arc, I’m almost 100 percent confident that fans’ thoughts were bouncing off each side of their skull like a game of Pong — their advanced organic computing machines desperately attempting to find a way to feel good about a tie …

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Author: Joel E Stephens / Raptors HQ

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