Game 5 Turning Point: Fred VanVleet comes to the rescue with the game on the line

When the Bucks came into Game 5, they held a 33-0 record when leading after three quarters on their home court, and hadn’t lost three in a row all year. But Kawhi Leonard, with help from Fred VanVleet, did everything to change that. Despite many people waking up questioning the reality of last night’s Game 5 win, the Toronto Raptors are indeed just a win away from reaching their first ever NBA Finals berth in franchise history. It was the most unlikely of games. The Raptors opened the contest down 18-4, and shooting under 30 percent. And one that saw Fred VanVleet play like a proud father with a renewed set of priorities, realizing he gets paid to simply play a game.
It’s perhaps the most surprising turn of events: VanVleet, who shot nine percent (9%!) in Game 3, who was literally played off the floor at times against the Sixers, who has posted five 0-for games these playoffs, has made ten of his last 12 three-pointers following the birth of his first born son. VanVleet provided Kawhi Leonard with the requisite amount of clutch plays in the final quarter of the Raptors’ Game 5 road victory over the Bucks, and is indeed now …

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Author: Joel E Stephens / Raptors HQ

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