Game 5 Analysis: Everything goes right for the Raptors

With Toronto’s rotations making more and more sense, it was only a matter of time before they started hitting shots. That happened in Game 5 against the Sixers, and then some. Finally.
That sentence fragment applies to a lot of stuff in the Raptors’ Game 5 win over the Philadelphia 76ers. Despite heading into the contest tied 2-2, it felt like so much for Toronto had yet to happen. Was it frustrating to watch? You bet. Which made the outcome of Tuesday night’s game all the more satisfying.
Let’s touch on a couple key things.
Making Shots
Finally they made some shots. They, being Raptor players not named Kawhi Leonard.
Through the first four games of the series, the Raptors had taken 122 threes and hit on 30 percent of them. In the regular season, they hit on 37 percent of their three point attempts. Since the all star break, they hit on 42 percent of their threes.
Of those threes, 80 of 122 were of the catch-and-shoot variety, generally a better shot to take. They hit 27 percent of those. In the regular season, they hit on 39 percent of their catch-and-shoot threes. Since the All-Star break, they hit on 43 percent of their catch-and-shoot threes.
Furthermore, 70 …

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Author: Daniel Hackett / Raptors HQ

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