Game 3 Analysis: On Norm, Toronto’s bench, and the superlative play of Kawhi

After the Raptors clawed out a Game 3 victory, what have we learned about Toronto’s play and how it could turn the series against the Milwaukee Bucks? We haven’t touched base in this space since Game 1 of Raptors-Bucks, so for this one we’ll take a look at some emerging trends and positive signs from the past two games, which is far easier to do after the Raptors won Game 3.
What have the Raptors learned about the Bucks in three games? Can they avoid another Game 2-style blowout? What’s working and what’s not working for Toronto? Let’s figure this out.
Keys to the Game
Over the past two games, which includes that ugly Game 2, here are your on-court net rating leaders for the Raptors.
Player | Net RatingLowry: -0.5Powell: -3.5Leonard: -4.3Siakam: -4.3Gasol: -5.3
One thing should not surprise you. Kyle Lowry, as ever, is the key to the team’s success.
And that’s what made the end of Game 3 so difficult — Lowry was +15 in 31 minutes on the night — and at the time he fouled out, the team was -10 in the 11 minutes he had sat to that point. Lowry likely would have …

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Author: Daniel Hackett / Raptors HQ

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