Game 2 Turning Point: Lowry scores his first point of the series

You’ve heard about Kawhi Leonard’s insane outing in Game 2 vs the Magic by now. But it was Kyle Lowry (and the crowd) that turned the game on its head in the opening moments. It was one of the greatest games ever by a Toronto Raptors player — Kawhi Leonard powered a 29-point victory with 37 points on truly insane shooting efficiency. But how did we get here?
Moments after the tip, Kyle Lowry found himself at the free throw line. He missed his first, and you could feel the nervous anticipation in the air as 19,800+ fans exhaled, all asking the same question: would Lowry ever score in this series?
In Game 1, we know what happened. Lowry came in cold, going 0-for-7 from the floor, including 0-of-6 from three. What’s more, despite a trip to the free throw line, Lowry missed both of his freebies in about as snake-bit display of shooting as you’re likely to see in this post-season. It seemed incomprehensible for the Raptors to lose Game 1 by three points; doubly so when considering their leader’s zero in the box score.
As if to answer to our Game 2 question, before the ball reached the point guards …

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Author: Joel E Stephens / Raptors HQ

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