Game 2 Analysis: Toronto’s offense goes wild behind Lowry and Kawhi

The Raptors bounced back in a big way in their Game 2 showdown with the Orlando Magic. How did things go that much better for Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard? Let’s delve into some numbers. There’s not as much to say about the Raptors’ collective performance in Game 2 against the Magic because, well, most everything went great.
Still, let’s take a look at the issues, real and perceived, from last game and what got corrected this time around. The series is tied 1-1, but there’s still a lot of basketball to be played.
Lowry as His Best Self
So Kyle Lowry hit some shots, and that sure makes things easier, don’t it? Fresh off his 0-fer in Game 1, Lowry came out more aggressive, taking over a larger portion of the offense and converting on chances.
In Game 1, Lowry was passive, carrying a usage rate of only 13 percent, to go along with his well publicized 0.0 percent TS%. And while the rest of his offensive impact was still apparent in his 44 assists per 100 possessions rate, and Toronto’s ORTG being 20 points better with him on the court than off it, that’s hardly the production Raptors fans have …

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Author: Daniel Hackett / Raptors HQ

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