Friedman has suggested the Leafs are kicking tires on Brenden Dillon, so we’re gonna look under the hood

You probably didn’t watch Saturday Night headlines this week because why would you willing watch a Senators and Habs game, just to get one possible little nugget of a potential trade rumour on the second intermission?
Simply you wouldn’t and you shouldn’t. Instead Sportsnet thankfully puts the clips on their website and at our leisure we discovered that Elliotte Friedman believes that the Sharks are making their unrestricted free agents like Melker Karlsson and Brenden Dillon available, and the Leafs have kicked tires on Dillon.
On Friday I put Dillon on a list of rental players I could more or less wrap my head around the Leafs going after. (Click the link for the full list, but here’s what I had to say about Dillon)
 Dillon’s salary is a drawback at $3.27M this year, but if San Jose retains or will take on Cody Ceci as part of the deal it doesn’t seem impossible.
Dillon would be a chance for the Leafs to add some physicality to their lineup and most importantly to their blueline. While I know eyes are rolling at the thought of this, …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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