Found money makes the Leafs an incredibly boring trade deadline team

With the holiday season now fully in the rear-view and a bit of an auto-pilot portion of the season upcoming, naturally it’s time to take a very early look at the trade deadline. I mean, the next best off-ice thing to look forward to in the coming weeks will be all-star selections, so what else can we really do?
Unfortunately, the Leafs aren’t in much of a position for us to even be speculative over. While it’s a fun problem to have, there simply isn’t anything out there that will help put them over, and you could make the argument that under Keefe they’re already cresting that territory anyway. The bottom line is, with the way Toronto has unearthed meaningful depth in their lineup through some found money and an enhanced trust in the Marlies, there’s just nothing they can really do. Get another depth forward? Johnsson is returning from injury, and Mikheyev will too eventually. Then there’s players like Engvall, Timashov, and Marchment who were all added to the mix since the team was initially picked out of camp. Is there really a clear upgrade …

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Author: Ryan Fancey / The Leafs Nation

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