Five thoughts on last night’s Game 7: Raptors 92, 76ers 90

We were all witness… to the greatest moment in Toronto Raptors history. How are we feeling this morning, Toronto? Recovered from the insanity of that game? That moment? That shot?
It was ugly, yet beautiful, wasn’t it? It’s such a cliche, but both teams really left it all out there. Kawhi Leonard took (seemingly) all the shots, and Ben Simmons hounded him all night. Joel Embiid played (seemingly) all the minutes, and Marc Gasol matched him all the way. Kyle Lowry was everywhere (and over everything). Jimmy Butler was quiet, but terrifying, as always.
And in the end, it was Leonard who sent everyone in the building home in tears — albeit, for the 76ers players and the Toronto fans, for very different reasons.
One for the Ages
Since Thursday night, I’d been dreading this game. Even though I was relatively confident that this Raptors team could win it, I didn’t want this series to go seven, and I didn’t want to deal with the stress and the drama of a Game 7. Then on Friday night I actually started to get sick with a head cold and I even considered selling my ticket.
But by Saturday …

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Author: Josh Kern / Raptors HQ

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