Five thoughts on last night’s Game 5: Raptors 115, Magic 96

The Raptors just won a playoff series with ease. Have the playoff demons been exorcised? Remember Game 1? The “oh no, here we go again?” feeling? The jokes on twitter, the “same old Raptors” takes on TV, the eye-roll emojis, the “Kyle Lowry stinks” flamewars.
That seems like a million years ago.
The Toronto Raptors did it. They really did it! Despite that Game 1 blip, they went on to win a playoff series in decisive fashion, as a top seed should do, leaving no doubt as to the validity of that seed or their regular season record.
This… is an Odd Feeling
We are officially in uncharted territory as Raptors fans. Our team has never won four straight playoff games, has never closed a best of seven series in five games, has never had this high a margin of victory in a series. And we’ve never had a player like Kawhi Leonard; you could argue we’ve never even had the best player in a series, with one exception (Vince Carter in in the Knicks series in 2001).
So this is all new. Winning a playoff game — let alone a series! — this easily is a really odd feeling.
Even the crowd …

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Author: Josh Kern / Raptors HQ

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