Five thoughts on last night’s Game 3: 76ers 116, Raptors 95

Those playoff ghosts aren’t gone yet! They re-emerged last night and gave Philadelphia control of the series. Remember this feeling? This feeling of helplessness, as an opponent absolutely clowns our team — and our team just folds up? It’s the worst feeling you can have as a fan, to see your team get run off the floor right in front of your eyes.
That game sucked. What else is there to say?

Kawhi Leonard Knows All About “The Hump” Now
When Kawhi Leonard was asked about the Raptors’ playoff struggles at the start of the postseason, he shrugged it off. Had nothing to do with him, or this iteration of the team, right? And, it was being borne out; since Kawhi Leonard arrived, we were all looking forward to finally have a proven playoff performer, a bona fide superstar, the best player in a series… and he’s it. Leonard has been even better than we could have expected.
And yet… despite the new coach, and the three new starters, and plenty of new bench players… that hump is still there. What we saw last night was like so many Raptors playoff moments past: The team seems to fall …

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Author: Josh Kern / Raptors HQ

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