Five Potential Trade Partners for Frederik Andersen

With the playoffs officially underway and the Toronto Maple Leafs once again sent home early, we can begin to truly look forward to what could be considered a monumental offseason for the organization. And while most of the attention may end up (rightfully) focused on the pricey offensive group that was shutout twice by Joonas Korpisalo in their five game series against the Columbus Blue Jackets and the paper-mâché defensive group that saw Cody freakin’ Ceci play significant minutes, the questions surrounding this team do not end there.
It’s time to once again talk about Frederik Andersen and his future, or lack thereof, with the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Andersen has become a contentious figure on Leafs Twitter lately, with seemingly half the fanbase rushing to defend yet another postseason failure as “not his fault” with the other pointing out that this is the fourth potential series clinching game that Andersen has played for the Blue & White and the result is a resounding zero wins and four losses, and that alone should at the very least justify the discussion of moving on. Cards on the table, I am full fledged in the …

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Author: briancrd / The Leafs Nation

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