Explain This To Me: Using Goaltenders on Back-to-Backs

I’m a simple man. I have simple takes. I love hockey, and like to think I know a fair bit about it, but I’m also not blind to the countless scores of people out there who happen to know more. Way more. Just open up Twitter. You’ll find them. Heck, you’re probably one yourself.
Applying this to a decidedly complex sport like hockey, then, creates a dilemma. What does a simple man like myself do when facing a question that, in theory, should offer an easy answer but doesn’t?
He turns to those who are smarter than him, of course!
This, my friends, is exactly what “Explain This To Me” is for; looking at the more debatable facets of hockey, outlining my view on them, and then opening the floor up to the sport’s more intellectually-inclined in order to gain a better understanding.
Knowledge is power, people. We’re all here to learn together.
This week’s conundrum is a timely one: if a team enters a back-to-back stretch in which they play a comparatively weaker opponent on the first night and a stronger opponent on the second, would it not make sense for …

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation

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