Expectations are high for the Leafs, as they should be

Now that the Leafs have officially been named the best team in Canada, or Canada’s team, if you will, it’s time to shift the focus from being first in the division to actually winning a playoff round. Given that there isn’t a Boston or a Tampa to contend with and the Leafs worst record against a playoff bound North Division team is presently 6-3-0 (Jets), it seems like it’s okay to set our expectations a little higher than just winning a round. As we kick off a week of playoff previews on The Leafs Nation we will layout our responses to the simple question, “what are your playoff expectations for the Leafs?”
Ryan Hobart
I would expect the Leafs to get past their first and second round opponents, given that they’re from the same division where the Leafs have won every season series this year. Beyond that, I’m expecting disappointment when the Leafs have to face a tougher opponent, be it the Lightning or whoever.
Michael Mazzei
I think expectations should be kept at a minimum until the Leafs can prove they are cable of winning a playoff series. Simply put, how this …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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