Even if Matthews leaves, the Leafs will be fine

It isn’t a Toronto sports topic without being extremely insecure about a superstar staying long-term and trying to win a championship.
Generally, it reaches out to all of Canada. This incessant need to be liked and accepted is a common theme throughout the country and it has stemmed its way into the mind of Leafs fans when it comes to Auston Matthews.
Immediately when he signed his five-year contract earlier this year the reaction was negative. That the team is buying only one year of unrestricted free agency and as soon as the contract expires he will only be 26-years-old, was the major concern.
So, of course, when Matthews is in an ad for Arizona State University, those old concerns rose up again and became the topic of the week. Just because he skated around in an ad with a nice looking jersey in his home state.

Brian Burke is betting there’s a good chance #MapleLeafs forward Auston Matthews leaves Toronto in five years. https://t.co/roxWRObWky
— Sportsnet (@Sportsnet) August 26, 2019

It might just be the standard attention-grabbing talk on sports radio, but this has roots throughout Toronto. Just assuming that someone will leave at the end of their …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

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