Dreger & McKenzie: Leafs offered Marner $11M a year for 8 years back in June

Just what you want to start off your day. More Marner contract talk (you secretly love it, don’t you?)
We’re back to Dreger on this one, the man who mysteriously seems to have first hand knowledge of everything that’s going on from the Marner side of the negotiations. Here’s his update…

The Leafs have been persistent in pushing both a 7 yr and 8 yr extension at Marner. The $11 mil per offer was made in June and included the $1.6 mil in B bonuses Toronto wouldn’t pay Marner in his entry level contract. 3 yr ext remains the focus.
— Darren Dreger (@DarrenDreger) September 11, 2019
That’s a lot of money. That’s too much money. For that term, we’ll say that’s at least $1M too much, but for my personal tastes, closer to a $1.5M too much.
I think universally we can all land on that being a lot of money and something the Leafs and Marner should have gotten signed pretty quickly, but that was June. Somehow it’s September, a couple of days away from players reporting to training camp, and by most accounts both sides aren’t even close. This is damned ugly.

TOR has …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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