Don’t overthink it: it’s the offseason to name Auston Matthews captain

Well, the season is done, the tears have been cried, and the gosh darn Boston Bruins are still playing hockey.
There’s nothing you can do about the Toronto Maple Leafs now, who exited with, as we all know, another first round
But you know who came to friggin’ play in the playoffs? Auston Matthews. Five goals and an assist in the series, two goals in a fighting effort in Game 4, and a chance to make something happen every time he stepped on the ice. Yesterday’s Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston supposedly said this, presumably in a radio hit.

Chris Johnston said that Auston Matthews is “going to come back with a C on his jersey”.
— Arjun (@_marlanderthews) April 26, 2019

And whether that’s based on opinion or fact, the point is: there’s no much more point in waiting to give Auston the captaincy. The Leafs haven’t had a captain people loved since the Mats Sundin era, and although we’ve probably all met .
“But what about Morgan Rielly?” you ask? He’s been here through all the tough times and is good with the media and had a breakout season and everything else that you love about him. …

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Author: Adam Laskaris / The Leafs Nation

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