Dmytro Timashov is a Toronto Maple Leaf. It’s Important to Remember How Impressive That Is

History won’t look back on December 5th, 2018 as a day to write home about, at least from a hockey perspective. To most, it was another slate in a long and winding season. Forgettable, really. But for those who attended the Toronto Marlies’ game that night, and watched the Providence Bruins hand Toronto a 5-0 defeat on home ice, the putridity of that loss lingered for a while.
December 5th, 2018, then, was a low point for all Marlies involved — Dmytro Timashov being chief among them. It didn’t seem that way at first, though.
Timashov’s start to the 2018-19 AHL season was, statistically speaking, cause for optimism. After two moderately ho-hum years mixed with the occasional flash of brilliance, Timashov entered that early-December contest with 14 points 22 games, a points-per-game pace of 0.63 that set him on course for a career-high. Four months later, Timashov would eventually achieve his new personal best. But for all of his box-score improvements, the on-ice product seemed relatively unchanged.
Timashov still grappled with stark inconsistency. It appeared unshakeable, even. A terror in the possession game one night, Timashov would then outright vanish for the three that followed, driving those who were enamoured with his ability …

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation

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