DJ LeMahieu has re-signed with the Yankees

In a move that always felt inevitable, the Yankees and DJ LeMahieu have agreed on a new contract worth $90 million over six years.

The two sides had been locked in a stalemate in which LeMahieu was seeking $100 million and the Yankees only wanted to go as high as $80 million, so meeting in the middle makes sense. The sixth year is ultimately just a way for the Yankees to make LeMahieu’s luxury tax cap hit $15 million rather than $20 million annually, because it’s based on the average salary of the deal.

Second baseman DJ LeMahieu and the New York Yankees are finalizing a six-year, $90M contract, sources familiar with the agreement tell ESPN.
LeMahieu’s return to New York always felt inevitable. It took a while. But he wanted to be there and Yankees get top free agent target.
— Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) January 15, 2021

Though the Blue Jays had been linked to LeMahieu pretty much all off-season, it never really felt like he was a serious target. It seemed more like the Blue Jays (and a couple of other teams, like the Mets) were being used as bargaining chips for LeMahieu to get more cash from his ideal destination, which was …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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