Digit Murphy previews the Toronto Six season

The women of the Toronto Six head to the bubble today, so what better time to preview the exciting season ahead? With the Toronto Six inaugural season set to start on Saturday in the Lake Placid NWHL bubble, we were fortunate enough to speak with head coach and president Digit Murphy about what fans can expect, what to look forward to, and which players to watch out for.

It’s a strange season to debut a new team, and Murphy and I discussed how that has impacted the team’s preparation.
Digit explained that from October through early January, the team only had 8 players and a couple coaches on the ice together, so the team as a whole will only have had 6 or 7 practices together before heading to the bubble to play games. This puts them at a bit of a disadvantage, as Murphy noted, “the challenge is going to be how do you, during a pandemic and shortened season, get everyone on the same sheet of music to win a championship.”
Nonetheless, despite the strange circumstances and jam packed training schedule, the team is “really excited to play a game.” And when asked about the team’s identity, Murphy …

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Author: Mer / The Leafs Nation

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