Digging into Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s First Cold Stretch of the Season

For the first time this season, we have seen Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in a little bit of a rough patch.

Since hitting three home runs against Washington, Vlad has slumped to a .211/.375/.263 line with no home runs, and just a 79 wRC+. The struggles really began the series before Washington in Tampa Bay. In three games at the Trop, Vlad was just 1-for-11 with two walks and two strikeouts. Tampa had a very specific game plan on how to pitch to Vlad.

They clearly attacked Vlad up and in and down away. They did a good job at keeping the ball out of the middle of the plate where Vlad can do damage. When we last discussed Vlad I noted how he wasn’t chasing the pitch at the letters, and he still isn’t. The Rays tested him with lots of pitches up out of the zone, but Vlad wasn’t chasing. The Rays understood they can’t strike Vlad out so they had to get him out in the strike zone, and they did that by targeting the areas where Vlad does the least damage.

This is Vlad’s slugging percentage per ball in play. You can see he …

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Author: Paul Berthelot / Blue Jays Nation

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