Daily Duce: Tim Tebow getting struck out by a position player edition

I was meaning to start doing these things regularly this season but, for whatever reason, that hasn’t happened. Anyways, I wanted to post about Tim Tebow getting struck out by a journeyman first baseman in last night’s Triple-A Bisons game, so here we are. Let’s hope I can make this a regular part of the routine.

The Bisons got absolutely spanked last night by the Mets Triple-A squad, losing 16-2. Sean Reid-Foley left the game after four innings due to an injury (that apparently isn’t serious), the Bisons’ bullpen got lit up, and everyone on the Syracuse Mets managed to get a hit except for one guy — Tim Tebow.
Tebow went 0-for-4 with a walk and the highlight of his night came in the ninth inning when he was struck out by the surprisingly-hard-throwing position player Jordan Patterson. If you don’t recognize that name, I don’t blame you. Patterson is a 27-year-old former draft pick of the Colorado Rockies who played 10 games in the Majors in 2016. He inked a minor league deal with the Jays organization in the off-season as depth for Buffalo.

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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