Daily Duce: Thoughts on Robbie Ray’s return, Matt Shoemaker draws interest from the Red Sox, Thin Vlad, and more!


The big news of last week was the Blue Jays kicking off free agency by inking Robbie Ray to a one-year deal worth $8,000,000.
It’s a bit interesting that the Blue Jays were so quick to sign a lower-level, reclamation project type player so early into the off-season, especially given the fact that this year’s market seems poised to move very slowly, but Ray is a player they know and one they seem to believe in, so why not.
For what it’s worth, Craic Edwards projected Ray signing a one-year deal worth $8,000,000 in his 2021 free agent projections post a couple of weeks ago, so you can’t complain about the value.
Speaking of FanGraphs, Ben Clemens took a look at Ray, a pitcher with an insane amount of talent and great stuff, and why his numbers have gone south since his excellent showing in 2017. Clemens mentions that Ray’s strike-throwing was noticeably better after he joined the Blue Jays, which creates some optimism for what we could see from him next season…
This could be small sample size theater, but Ray was markedly better at finding the strike zone in his four starts after going to Toronto. …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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