Daily Duce: Major League Baseball’s return is off to an ugly start


The Blue Jays released their schedule for Major League Baseball’s 60-game sprint this summer.
They’ll start off by playing in Tampa, which is ironic given the fact they just went through the difficult process of fleeing Florida, and then the Jays will have their “home” opener a few days later in which they’ll host the Washington Nationals somewhere.

We are to take this seriously. pic.twitter.com/w0wr85UTzE
— John Lott (@LottOnBaseball) July 6, 2020

Looking at exclusively the schedule and none of the context around it for a moment, the Blue Jays are certainly in tough here. As Keegan Matheson pointed out, Toronto has the third-toughest schedule based on 2019 winning percentages. We always knew this would be the case as the Jays would be playing exclusively teams from the American and National League East, but it’s a little more jarring to look at once it’s all laid out.
The first seven games being against Tampa and the defending World Series champs, the Nationals, is a tough start for the Jays who will be looking to come hot out of the gate. And then there are seven …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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