Connecting the dots on a potential trade with Edmonton

So the Edmonton media is something else. That much is canon at this point. Tales of their water carrying is the stuff of legend, however, when they say stuff it’s often because someone in the organization is pushing it. There’s no real risk of them coming up with stuff on their own, that’s why when they say stuff like this it’s worth paying attention to…

Holland might not make any big deals at draft but groundwork’s been laid to trade for Leafs’ winger Connor Brown by Keith Gretzky in February. Third-line possibility. If dollars-in, dollars-out deal, might be D Matt Benning, but Benning very under-appreciated here IM0
— Jim Matheson (@NHLbyMatty) June 19, 2019
That’s absolutely the deal that Edmonton wanted to do at the deadline, but the Leafs were unwilling to get it done, wanting more than Benning. It’s certainly something that is bound to be revisited, even with the regime change in Edmonton. It doesn’t change the fact that the Oilers need cheap NHL wingers for their top nine and there is a good chance they still believe Brown is a good option.
Now let’s add in some more expertly carried water…

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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